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AutoCal Support

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AutoCal is supplied by EFILive without tune and configuration files in bundles of 5 units.  Single units cannot be purchased from EFILive.  

AutoCal can be configured in a variety of different ways, with many menu options fully configurable by the Tuner based on their business model and end user  requirements.  As EFILive has no part in the supply of products or services to the end-user, support for AutoCal is provided by the Tuner.  

EFILive provides generic documentation regarding standard menu options and configurations, however this information may be different to the specific support information a Tuner provides.   If someone other than the Tuner was to provide AutoCal support to the end user the configuration of AutoCal may change, causing an issue which would need to be resolved between the Tuner and the end user.  There may be costs to the end user resulting from any misconfiguration by a party other than the Tuner.

Documentation for AutoCal includes:

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