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Controller Recovery

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Where device and controller restrictions are implemented on a tune file, an unrestricted stock tune should be full flashed.  For AutoCal, the AutoCal Remote License MUST be set to give AutoCal permission to flash the tune file.

Controller Recovery

A flash failure will normally not render Dodge Cummins and Cummins HD controllers inoperable because the controller’s built in boot block is not erased and will continue to allow the controller to be reprogrammed after the failure. To recover from a flash failure, retry the flash process again.

If the flash continues to fail:

  1. Update software and firmware to the latest public release versions.
  2. Remove battery power from the controller, by either removing the controller’s fuse or by disconnecting the battery from the vehicle.
  3. Wait 30 seconds.
  4. Reconnect power.
  5. Attempt to full flash the controller with a stock tune.  

ROM Boot Recovery

In some flash failure instances the ECM may stop responding and cannot be recovered to normal operation by simply retrying the flash.

Such situations may occur if the ECM was flashed with a non-compatible operating system, or where the failed flash occurred right at the end of the process but the ECM thinks it completed.

In these situations the ECM is usually only recoverable by forcing the ECM into ROM Boot Recovery mode.  Specialized bench programming equipment, such as the BenchForce PowerBlock IV with ROM Boot Switch is required to perform this task.

Tips to recover the ECM using this equipment includes:

  1. The ECM must be powered down.  (IGN switch off but battery power connected.)
  2. Hold the ROM Boot switch on.
  3. Power the ECM and bench equipment.
  4. Attempt to flash the ECM with your recovery file.
  5. Once the flash is under way you can turn off the ROM Boot switch.
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