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Payment Processing

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Payment Options

The EFILive online store accepts Visa and Mastercard.  All orders are processed in USD.

In some circumstances EFILive will accept bank transfer.  Orders will not be processed until payment has cleared which may take up to 5 business days.  Please  Submit a Ticket if you wish to discuss bank transfer options.  

Payment Processing Help

There are a number of possible reasons why transactions cannot be processed by the EFILive store;

  1. There are insufficient funds on your credit card for the purchase.
  2. Your Credit Card number was correct, but your CVN and/or Expiry Date were incorrect.
  3. You have not created an account in the EFILive Store:
  4. Your account in the EFILive Store contains incomplete shipping address details.
  5. Some banks and credit card institutions automatically decline international transactions made via the Internet. You will need to contact your bank or credit card institution to authorize the transaction. EFILive Limited is an international company based in New Zealand.  All orders are processed in USD.
  6. Pre-paid gift cards and debit cards issued by Credit Card companies are not accepted.
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