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V7 Pass-Thru Flash a Controller - Knowledgebase / V7 Software - EFILive Service Desk

V7 Pass-Thru Flash a Controller

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  1. Connect FlashScan V1 device to your PC and vehicle.
  2. Turn the vehicle ignition to the On position (not the Accessory position.  Vehicle must not be cranked/running when flashing).
  3. Open the EFILive Tune Tool application.
  4. Click on the File menu and select the Open tuning file... menu option.
  5. Select the calibration file for the controller you wish to license.
  6. Click on the Flash menu and select the Program PCM calibrations... menu option.
  7. Click the Start button.
  8. If the controller is not licensed a information dialogue will be shown.
  9. Click the License ECM button that will have appeared.
  10. Select Yes and OK to the next two prompts to confirm you wish to license the controller.
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