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Dec 1 2020

AutoCal Unlink

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AutoCal customers may unlink their AutoCal from their Tuner's FlashScan where their Tuner has not prevented EFILive in issuing an unlink code.

Once an AutoCal is unlinked;

  1. It must be linked to another FlashScan prior to flashing tune files.
  2. All tune files that were created by the original tuner with the original FlashScan can no longer be flashed by the AutoCal device.
  3. Tuners should implement a process to ensure the end user’s stock file is converted from the original FlashScan to the new FlashScan. Failing to do so will prevent end users from flashing their stock tune.

To purchase an AutoCal Unlink, customers need to provide their AutoCal Serial number, Auth Code and License number.  The EFILive system validates this information before order placement.  

AutoCal Unlink codes are only issued during regular New Zealand business hours.  

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