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AutoCal Unlink Changes - News / General - EFILive Service Desk

Nov 9 2020

AutoCal Unlink Changes

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To streamline customer service for end users and remove administrative tasks from Tuners, EFILive is implementing an automated AutoCal Unlinking service from mid-December 2020. Where a Tuner does not wish EFILive to offer unlink codes for their devices we will honour your request.

End User Unlink 

The End User Unlink will validate AutoCal Serial, Auth, and License numbers. If these details pass validation, then the customer can add their product to the cart and purchase an unlink code which will be generated and emailed to the customer. This product will be available from December 1st, 2020, at a cost of $50USD per unlink code. Until December 1st 2020, end users must contact their tuner for unlink requests.

Tuner's who Request no Unlinking 

Tuners who do not want EFILive to offer an unlinking service for AutoCal devices linked to their FlashScan(s) can prevent unlinking by purchasing the AutoCal No Unlink product in our store. Purchasing the AutoCal No Unlink product ensures EFILive will not unlink AutoCal devices that match your FlashScan License number. 

By subscribing, the Tuner gives permission for EFILive to: 

  1. Update FlashScan product registration details. 
  2. Pass on their contact details to end users who contact EFILive request an unlink with their License number. 

Tuners will receive a notification one month prior to their subscription anniversary date that their subscription is due to renewal. Where a subscription is not renewed, the License restriction in the EFILive database is automatically removed. AutoCal Unlink codes will then be issued if they are requested. 

The AutoCal No Unlink product is priced at $5USD per license number and is now available for tuners to purchase. The anniversary date of this purchase will be adjusted to match the implementation date of the End User Unlink product.

Tuners who would like EFILive to Unlink their devices 

Tuners who would like EFILive to manage their unlinking services do not need to do anything other than continue to support your unlink requests until the automated unlinking system is implemented. Once the automated system is implemented if you haven't opted-out by purchasing the AutoCal No Unlink product, your customers will be able to purchase Unlink codes. In order to make this product cost effective for tuners and end users, dealer pricing does not apply to these products.

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