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Cummins 2013+ CM2350B (CME) OBD-II Security Unlock - News / General - EFILive Service Desk

Jul 7 2018

Cummins 2013+ CM2350B (CME) OBD-II Security Unlock

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EFILive is pleased to announce that the July 2018 Beta software delivers flashing via OBD-II without the need to first unlock the ECM via the J1939 under hood port. EFILive's updated flash routines now manage unlocking functions during the ECM flash process, eliminating the need to use third party methods to remove the anti-tuning Digital Signature via the under hood OEM 3 Plug Connector before programming with EFILive. 

The OEM 3 Plug Connector plays no part in EFILive's solution eliminating the need for additional adapters and multi-step processes in order to flash the ECM. These changes deliver time savings and total tuning cost reductions - no adapters, no third party products, just a fully integrated single step flash process with no additional charges to a regular license fee from EFILive.

Flash routine changes have also been made to both CM2100 (CMC) and CM2200 (CMD) controllers. These controllers when flashed on a bench set-up no longer require BootRSA Patch files to remove the digital signature, however in-vehicle flashing still require BootRSA Patch files due to the complex nature of in-vehicle communications. We will continue to work on an in vehicle solution for these model trucks.

Extensive in-vehicle and bench testing is now complete. The overall ECM flash times remain between 7-10 minutes with very little or no impact on flash times. All EFILive documentation including the Cummins 2010-2018 Quick Start Guide.pdf, the Cummins BootRSA Patch Guide.pdf as well as the Knowledgebase help files have been updated to reflect these changes.

Vehicles that contain a SGM (Serial Gateway Module) eg, late 2017+ will still require a means of bypassing this module in order to flash via OBD-II.

Our July 2018 software release is a FREE software update for all customers; simply download and install. Customers will require the Dodge Cummins Tuning Option to be enabled on their hardware and an available VIN License to flash each vehicle.

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