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Dec 10 2020

FlashScan V3 Release

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EFILive is pleased to announce the public release of FlashScan V3.

For customers transitioning from FlashScan V2, FlashScan V3 with Matching License is now available. Your FlashScan V3 will be built with the same license number as your FlashScan V2 to allow tune file locking/unlocking and AutoCal linking/unlinking across your suite of EFILive devices.

Customers can also option the transfer of VIN Licenses from FlashScan V2 to FlashScan V3, or arrange stream transfers via the return of FlashScan V2.

For new customers, FlashScan V3 Scan Tool and Cummins HD Tuning Options are now available. The Dodge Cummins Tuning Option will be available within the next few weeks as the migration of platform support from V7 to V8 is completed.

While some GM platforms have been migrated to V8 Scan and Tune, a number of platforms and DVTs are still being converted. The GM Tuning Option will be available early in the new year when the migration of these functions is complete.

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