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Jun 10 2020

V8 Editor - Early Access

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EFILive is pleased to provide early access to the EFILive V8 Editor in the June 2020 public beta software release.

Selected controllers and operating systems are available for use in this initial release, with platforms to commence moving from V7 to V8 for support over the coming weeks and months. To support the transition to the V8 editor scan, tune and individual windows can now be managed more easily via the Windows Task Bar - or via new drop down button menus in the lower left corner, or via hot keys.

New features in this release include:

  • Scan and tune file linking is now supported.
  • Software registration is not required.
  • Manage customer details per vehicle and use customer details in scan and tune file name templates.
  • User defined calibrations conversion process from V7 *.cax file format to V8 *.cax8 format.
  • User defined script conversion process from V7 *.txt format to V8 *.Lua format.
  • Tune file comparison between different operating systems.

The following operating systems are supported in this initial editor release:

  • CME 32170101
  • E35 12628594
  • E37 12617248
  • E38 12647991
  • E67 12656245
  • LB7 15189044
  • LLY 15228758
  • LS1B 12202088
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