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Connecting FlashScan V2

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Connecting FlashScan V2:

FlashScan V2 Screen Display:

The FlashScan LCD screen displays the following information about the current operating state of the device:

Memory card status

  • SD1 - SD card is selected and an SDV1 card is present.
  • SD2 - SD card is selected and an SDV2 card is present.
  • SDH - SD card is selected and an SDV2 High Capacity card is present.
  • XXX - SD card is selected but not present.
  • MEM -Internal memory is selected (SD card is ignored if present).

LED status

  • S - LEDs are used to show various systems’ status, numbered from left to right:
  1. BBL is in progress (flashes when BBL is paused).
  2. Data is being streamed to the RS232 connection.
  3. Data is being written to flash memory (do not power down).
  4. OBD data is being received from or transmitted to the vehicle.
  5. USB data is being received from or transmitted to the PC/laptop.
  • A - LEDs are ONLY used to display visual alarms defined in Options.txt
  • X - LEDs are switched off.

Protocol Status

  • CAN - Controller Area Network protocol detected.
  • VPW - Variable Pulse Width protocol detected.

Controllers Detected

  • Displays the number of on-board controllers detected. 

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