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Controller Read Restrictions

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Read Restriction

Some manufactures have commenced implementing restrictive architecture preventing the contents of the controller from being read.  These controllers do not adhere to the typical "EFILive process" for tuning supported vehicles.  EFILive generally requires customers to first read and save their ECM's tune, then edit the calibrations before finally flashing the modified tune back into the vehicle. However it is not possible to read these ECM’s via the OBD-II Port, (the ECM can only be read by opening the ECM and soldering to the CPU debug port using expensive 3rd party tools).   

Customers will need to obtain a suitable base file for editing and flashing purposes, a selection of EFILive compatible base stock files are readily available on the internet or custom files may be purchased through organizations that have the necessary hardware and software to create personalized base files.

Controllers that have read restrictions in place are:

  1. Cummins 2010-12 CM2200A (CMD)
  2. Cummins 2013-18 CM2350B (CME)
  3. Cummins 2019+ CM2450B (CMF)
  4. Duramax 2011-15 LML (E86A & E86B)
  5. GM Diesel Family B Engine 2014-15 (E47) *Note: Mapping support not available.

Because you cannot read the existing tune in the ECM it is important you select the correct base tune to suit your vehicle. 

Custom Operating System Restrictions

For some Custom Operating Systems EFILive writes tune files to non-readable memory.  These tune files cannot be read out from the ECM.  Custom Operating Systems that prevent the controller from being read are:

  1.  Cummins 2006-07 CM849 (CMB) CSP5
  2.  Cummins 2007-09 CM2100A (CMC) CSP5
  3.  Cummins 2010-12 CM2200A (CMD) CSP5
  4.  Cummins 2013-18 CM2350B (CME) CSP5
  5. Cummins 2019+ CM2450 B (CMF) CSP5
  6.  Duramax 2007-10 LBZ/LMM DSP5
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