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Problem Reading a Controller - Knowledgebase / Controller Help - EFILive Service Desk

Problem Reading a Controller

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Check Software and Firmware Updates

Ensure you have the latest software and firmware installed and attempt the [Read] again.

Please see Update V8 Software for further guidance.  EFILive will be unable to offer support until software and firmware matches or is higher than the current public release software.

Check Aftermarket Devices

The read and flash operations command other modules on the vehicle communications bus to be silent.  Unfortunately some devices are not compliant with the communications specification and interrupt the read/flash which cannot be resolved by EFILive.  In these situations it may be necessary to disconnect the problem devices or pull specific vehicle fuses, or in extreme cases use an off-board programming harness to read or flash the controller.

EFILive is aware that it is sometimes necessary to pull the Info and Radio fuses on some vehicles.  Other problem devices can include Mobile Phone adapters and other Communications Equipment.

Do Not Operate Vehicle

DO NOT operate any vehicle feature that may communicate on the data bus. This includes opening or closing of hood, doors, windows, as well as changing settings on radio, HVAC, connecting/removing charging devices etc.;

Error message: $0537 Controller is Locked with a Custom Key

Please refer to the GM Controller Unlocking Help to determine how to unlock the controller.

Error message: $0552 Reading and flashing are not yet authorized for this controller

Please refer to GM Controller Authorization to negotiate reading the controller.

Read Block

A previous tuner has prevented access to the controller by applying the [Block ECM Calibration Reading] parameter in the tune file.  This tune file cannot be read, but you may flash the controller.  Controllers that support Read Block are:

  1. Cummins HD - all supported controllers.
  2. Dodge Cummins - all controllers where [Read] is enabled; specifically CMB and CMC.
  3. GM - Duramax E35A and E35B controllers.

Read Restriction

Some manufactures have commenced implementing restrictive architecture preventing the contents of the controller from being read.   Please refer to the Controller Read Restrictions article for further information.  

Custom Operating System Restrictions

For some Custom Operating Systems EFILive writes tune files to non-readable memory.  These tune files cannot be read out from the ECM.    Please refer to the Controller Read Restrictions article for further information.  

Check Error Code List

The EFILive V8 Scan and Tune software contains a listing of the EFILive Error Codes.  The list includes a the error code, a description of the cause and suggested solutions.  Follow these instructions to access the EFILive Error Codes:

  1. Open the EFILive Scan and Tune application.
  2. Navigate to [F8: Tools] -> [F8: Error Codes].
  3. Search on the error code generated by the EFILive software, FlashScan or AutoCal device.

The EFILive Error Codes listing is also available in pdf form.  To access the EFILive Error Codes.pdf

  1. Open the EFILive Scan and Tune application.
  2. Navigate to the Help -> Documents menu selection.
  3. Select EFILive Error Codes.pdf.
  4. Search on the error code generated by the EFILive software, FlashScan V2 or AutoCal device.

Check Controller Selection

When performing a read operation it is necessary to ensure that the correct Controller has been selected.  If the controller selection is incorrect this will result in a failed attempt or in some instances a report that the may be locked (due to the bootloader not being executed).

NOTE: Not all Supported controllers can be read.  Some vehicle manufacturers have disabled the ability to read the contents of a controller from the factory.  In these cases, EFILive customers will need to obtain base files from an alternative source.

Follow these steps to ensure the controller selection is correct.

  1. Connect your FlashScan or AutoCal device to your PC and vehicle.
  2. Open the EFILive V8 Scan & Tune application.
  3. Click on the [F3: Tune] menu and select the [F2: Read] menu option.
  4. In the Controllers: field select Auto Detect.  A picture of the currently selected controller is shown to assist in identification.
  5. Click the Read button to initiate the read operation.

Test for Rogue Modules

For Customers with FlashScan/AutoCal V3 a range of test modes to check the network for rogue modules that may cause read or flash operations to abort are available.

Navigate to the  Tune Tool -> F1: Tuning -> F4: Test OBD Network menu.  The following test options are available:

  1. Test CAN J1979
  2. Test VPW 1x Speed
  3. Test VPW 4x Speed

Further Support

If all of the above have been attempted and issues still persist; please create a Support Ticket and include as much information as possible.  Be sure to locate and attach your Trace Files.

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