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EFILive XCal.exe

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For tuners who have existing Cummins HD tune file libraries in *.xcal or *.0? file formats EFILive has developed a conversion tool called "EFILive_XCal" to convert these tune files for use in EFILive V8  Scan and Tune software.

*.xcal and *.0? file formats use the industry standard Intel HEX record format with additional XML style meta data describing the file. In this format, they are not compatible with EFILive software or hardware.

The EFILive_XCal conversion tool eliminates the hard work of importing and padding the files using Hex editors and converts the file into ready to load unencrypted *.bin files which can be opened in EFILive and saved as *.ctz files.

Once a file has been saved as a *.ctz file using the EFILive V8 Scan and Tune software tune file parameters, security restrictions and read blocking can be added to the tune file.

EFILive_XCal is compatible with the following Cummins HD controllers.

  • CM2350A
  • CM2250
  • CM2220
  • CM2880

Other Cummins HD ECM types may be added in line with future expansion of EFILive Cummins HD controller support. Dodge Cummins controllers are not supported.

Single files can be converted using EFILive_XCal, but the biggest advantage to tuners is the Bulk conversion option, where multiple files of the same ECM type can be converted in one single process.

EFILive XCal is a standalone program that is included with the EFILive V8 software installation. Once installed the program can be found in the C:\Program Files (x86)\EFILive\V8 directory. The EFILive V8 software installation is governed by the EFILive Terms and Conditions and the EFILive End User License Agreement.

The EFILive HD File Conversion Guide documents the process and requirements to convert both single and batch file conversions. EFILive_XCal and the EFILive HD File Conversion Guide are now available for download in the EFILive February 2018 Beta software release.

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