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Getting Started

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The EFILive software is available to download from the Download Software page on the  EFILive website.  

AutoCal users should only update software and firmware at their tuners specific request. Updating to software and firmware versions higher than your tuner may lead to your tuner being unable to offer you support until they update.

What software do I need to download?

The version(s) of the EFILive software required is dependent on your EFILive hardware device.  The sections below indicate which software is necessary for your specific device:

  1. FlashScan V3 & AutoCal V3: Download the V8.3 software.
  2. FlashScan V2 & FlashScan HD: Download both the V8 and V7.5 software.
  3. AutoCal V2 & AutoCal HD: Download the V8 software.
  4. FlashScan V1: Download the V7.5 software.

I don't own EFILive hardware yet, but I'd like to take a look around.

You don't need EFILive hardware to test drive the software.  Go to the EFILive website and download V7.5 software, then find a tune file in the library on the EFILive forum.  You can open the tune file in the Editor and take a look around.  You can edit parameters, but you cannot save edited files or flash your vehicle without EFILive hardware.

Types of Software

There are 3 types of software releases that customers can choose from, depending on the current development cycle.  Customers' individual circumstances and tolerances will determine which software is most suited to their application. 

  1. Public Release Software - is the current stable version of EFILive’s software and firmware. This version has been tested successfully under real world conditions. To obtain software support from EFILive, customers must be using the Public Release Software or a more recently released pre-release or beta version.
  2. Public Pre-Release Software/Release Candidate Software - is intended to become the next Public Release Software if no significant problems are discovered during testing. It contains new and improved features added after the Public Release Software version was released. Software changes, along with existing features have been tested thoroughly through one or more beta cycles with no known significant bugs being found. Customers should use the Pre-Release Software if they encounter problems with the Public Release Software, or if they require new functionality prior to the next public release.
  3. Beta Software -is typically the first time that new and updated features are made available for use outside of EFILive’s testing labs. Software in the beta phase will generally have more bugs than the Pre-Release Software. The purpose of making the beta software available to users is to provide users with the opportunity to test the software under controlled conditions within their unique environment prior to the software progressing to the Pre-Release or Public Release stage. The real world testing undertaken by our customers is one of our highest priorities and customers who use/test the beta software will receive the highest priority support directly from EFILive’s development team. EFILive strongly discourages using the beta software in production environments and/or in situations where failure cannot be tolerated.
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