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Pro Tuning License

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The Pro Tuning License is not currently available for purchase.  When available, customers will need to sign a legal waiver prior to enabling this function.

Adding a Pro-Tuning license to EFILive DOES NOT / WILL NOT provide additional tuning parameters.  The same tuning parameters are available with or without a Pro Tuning license.  The features for the Pro Tuning License when it becomes available are:

  1. The ability to load User Defined Calibrations (*.cax files) that contain calibration definitions that overlap with existing EFILive defined calibrations (*.calz files). 

    Users can currently create User Defined Calibrations (*.cax files) that contain calibration information not available in the software.  The pro-tuning license only REMOVES the restriction preventing you from defining a parameter already defined by EFILive.  This feature will save some users time in eliminating the need to edit their *.cax file, especially when EFILive adds new parameters to the software.

  2. The ability to override the restriction that prevents overwriting a controller’s operating system with a non-compatible operating system from a different model-year.
  3. This feature is most suited to GM Gas controllers where a very complex and multi-layered compatible operating system matrix exists to minimize the ability to kill an ECM during the flash process.  This same complexity does not exist for Diesel, where it is much easier to change operating systems inside the existing EFILive software framework.  The exception to this is flashing the Allison TCM given the different factory hardware versions and factory software versions that exist.  EFILive is very confident that if a user was to flash a different OS into an Allison TCM in almost all cases the ECM would not function and would not be recoverable; which is also the case using GM factory software. 

EFILive technical support is provided to trouble shoot and resolve issues that occur when using the standard EFILive software with the existing safeguards in place. Technical support is not available if and when a controller has been rendered inoperative and or unrecoverable while using the software with a Pro Tuning License. 

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