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Unsupported GM Gas Operating Systems

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While almost all factory operating systems are supported by the EFILive Scan and Tune software, non-EFILive custom operating systems are not.

Where the Editor is not available for your tune file, customers should determine if the file is a non-EFILive operating system before contacting EFILive for support.  To check GM operating system compatibility;

  1. Navigate to the [F4: OBD] -> [F4: Lookup OS] menu option.
  2. Enter the operating system number identified in your read file.
  3. Compatible operating systems, and non-EFILive operating systems will be listed.


Where a non-EFILive operating system is listed, customers will need to obtain a compatible stock operating system for editing.

Where the operating system is not listed on the compatibility table, customers should create a support ticket, and include their read file for EFILive to investigate support options. 

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