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V3 Flash & License a Controller

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For FlashScan/AutoCal V3, controllers are licensed during the flash process where BBF (Black Box Flashing) is used.  Follow these steps to license and flash the selected controller.

Standard Menu:

  1. Configure FlashScan/AutoCal V3 for BBX features if not already setup.
  2. Copy selected tune file(s) from your PC to FlashScan/AutoCal V3 if not already copied via Quick Setup during step 1.
  3. Connect your FlashScan/AutoCal V3 device to your vehicle.
  4. Turn the vehicle ignition to the On position (not the Accessory position.  Vehicle must not be cranked/running when flashing).
  5. Navigate to the Tune Tool menu and select either F2 Program Calibration or F3 Program Full menu option.
  6. Navigate to the folder your tune file is located in and select ✔ to commence the flash.
  7. If the controller has not been licensed by this device previously, you will be presented with an Unlicensed Controller message.  Select ✔ to proceed with licensing the controller, or X to exit without licensing the controller.
  8. Select ✔ to confirm licensing the controller and commence the flash, or X to exit to exit without licensing the controller.
  9. When the flash process is complete, select X to close the flash completed message.
  10. The Reset Controller notification will be shown, and the controller reset process will begin.
    1. Turn the vehicle ignition Off.
    2. Click on the Start button to begin the countdown timer.
    3. DO NOT turn the vehicle ignition on until the countdown timer expires.  This time is critical to allow the ECM to perform internal functions after a read operation.

User Defined Menu:

Follow the instructions provided by your Tuner to license and flash your controller,alternatively to load the standard menu even when a custom menu is installed, hold the [X] key while powering up the device.  Release the key once the splash screen is visible. The custom menu will revert on next power up. 

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