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Controller Mapping not Available

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Mapping not Available

EFILive does not offer mapping on all controllers that are supported for Read/Flash.  Usually the ability to read a controller is added early in the development cycle to allow the submission of tune files for mapping.  In some cases EFILive has no intention to add mapping support and read/flash were added at the specific request of a customer who has the ability to edit tune files outside of the EFILive software.

Controllers where Mapping will be added

There are currently no ETAs for mapping release for the following controllers:

  • CM846 - 2003-2005 Dodge Cummins.
  • CM848 - 2003-2005 Dodge Cummins.
  • CM850 - 2001+ Cummins HD.
  • CM870 - 2002+ Cummins HD.
  • CM871 - 2006+ Cummins HD.
  • CM875 - 2002+ Cummins HD.
  • CM876 - 2006+ Cummins HD.

Controllers where Mapping will not added

  • E47 - 2014-2015 GM Diesel Family B (USA).
  • E55 - 2004-2009 GM HFV6 Bosch.
  • E69 - 2008-2001 GM SIDI.
  • E77 - 2007-2011 GM HFV6 Bosch.
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