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FlashScan V2 Device Settings

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Device Settings manage a range of user configuration options for FlashScan V2.  Device settings can be accessed via  EFILive V8 Scan and Tune software or via the FlashScan V2 menu. 

To edit the Device Settings directly on FlashScan V2;

  1. Connect FlashScan V2 to your vehicle or PC.
  2. Navigate to the [F4: Options] menu.
  3. Use [OK] to select, Arrow Keys to scroll, and [Cancel] to return to the previous menu.

F1: Setup Menu



F1: Edit Settings Menu
Access a range of editable settings on the FlashScan V2 device (see Edit Settings table for more information).  

F2: Set Date/Time

Adjust date and time settings.

F3: Change PIN

Set pass-code to prevent unauthorized use of FlashScan V2 when first powered on.  If there is no PIN set press [Enter] through the Enter Current PIN and press [Enter] message.

F2: File System Menu



F1: Delete File
Allows users to delete tune and scan files stored on the AutoCal V2 .

F2: Free Space

Displays used and available space on FlashScan V2.

F3: Format File Sys

Formats the data file system, deleting all scan and tune files stored on the FlashScan V2.

F4: File Sys Info
Provides tools to view information about and explore the contents of the FlashScan V2 file system.

Edit Settings Menu



File sys

Configures FlashScan V2 to use either internal memory or SD card.

File #

Set the sequence number for the next AutoCal generated file name.


Locale USA or Locale Non-USA.


Metric or Custom.


Load Most Recently Used PID’s.  Set to Yes or No.


Manage Logging Speed.  Set to Fast, Medium or Slow.

CAN Baud
Set CAN speed.

Sw Log

Use “S1” (12V switch) to remotely start/stop data logging.

Sw Beep

Set audible alert when starting and stopping data logging using the “S1” switch.


Average this many samples of external analog PID data. Set value between 1-4.


Automatically select all external analog PIDs. Set to Yes or No.

Ser PIDs

Automatically select all external digital (serial) PIDs.    Set to Yes or No.


Set the number of PIDs to display on FlashScan V2 LCD screen.

Note 30

Automatically add “Note 30’ to log file when log file is paused/resumed using [OK]. Set to Yes or No.


Enable CRC data protection for SD card.

GM Fast 

Use EFILive's FAST CAN Mode for flashing.    This option can make flash speeds twice as fast on CAN controllers.

Set Dodge Cummins Fast CAN Mode for flashing.  This option can make flash speeds twice as fast on CAN controllers.

Skip Vfy

Skip PID validation prior to starting BBL.    Set to Yes or No.


Perform extended verification of uploaded file.  Set to Yes or No.


Display OBDII retry statistics after Read/Flash is complete.  Set to Yes or No.


Display folders when selecting tune files for flashing.  Set to Yes or No.


Activates switchable tuning on simple menu.  Set to Yes or No.


Automatically save trace file for read/flash errors.  Set to Yes or No.


Verify free space before logging data or reading a controller.

LED Mode

Set LED’s to illuminate to indicate operational status, indicate PID range alarms, or none.

COM Port

Set the device connected to serial port.    Supported devices are Wide Band O2, External, or Unknown.

WO2 Type

Select the type of Wide Band device connected to serial port*. 

WO2 Fmt

Set the Wide Band controller configuration.    Bank 1, Bank 2, Both.

WO2 Data

Set the Wide Band data display format.

WO2-1 ID

Configure the ID's for multiple ECM AFR wide band controllers.

WO2-2 ID

Configure the ID's for multiple ECM AFR wide band controllers.


Set the stoichiometric value for the fuel that is being used.

For Innovate’s wide band controllers, the stoich value can’t be set using this options, instead it must be set using Innovate’s Logworks software.

Lo Power

Set time frame to enable Low Power mode to conserve power when the device remains connected but unused for a set period of time.


Set splash screen display times.


Set Display Timeout Alerts in milliseconds. (0 = User must respond to message).


Set Display Timeout Errors in milliseconds.    (0 = User must respond to message).

AR Delay

Set the time delay before a key begins to Auto-Repeat in milliseconds. 

AR Speed

Sets the time delay between repeated key strokes in milliseconds.


Choose screen color combination of White on Blue or Blue on White.


Adjusts the contrast for FlashScan V2 with a blue case.

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