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AutoCal V2 Unlink

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AutoCal Link Requirements

For an AutoCal device to be functional, it must be linked to a Tuners FlashScan device.  An unlinked AutoCal cannot be used to read or flash controllers.  Tuners can manage linking before shipping the AutoCal or by generating a Remote-Link Code that can be emailed to their customer.  Refer to the FlashScan Link to AutoCal help file for more information.  

AutoCal Unlink Requirements

Tuners can manage unlinking of an AutoCal by physically unlinking AutoCal or by generating a Remote-Unlink Code that can be emailed to their customer.   Refer to the FlashScan Link to AutoCal help file for more information.  

AutoCal End Users can also purchase the AutoCal Unlink product from the EFILive store AutoCal End Users will need to provide the serial number, auth-code and device license number to be able to validate this product.  Please refer to the Unlinking AutoCal help file for further information.

Tuner cannot be contacted or cannot be identified.

Where a linked AutoCal is purchased second hand, the tuner's details may be unknown.  Should the AutoCal End User contact EFILive, EFILive will provide Tuner details where the Tuner has given EFILive express permission to pass on these details.  

For EFILive assistance, Submit a Ticket.  Please provide your AutoCal Serial Number and AutoCal License Number (information on how to find this is detailed below) and any relevant information regarding your tuner and situation.  

AutoCal Functionality when Unlinked

Once an AutoCal is unlinked;

  1. It must be linked to another FlashScan prior to flashing tune files.
  2. All tune files that were created by the original tuner with the original FlashScan can no longer be flashed by the AutoCal device.
  3. Tuners should implement a process to ensure the end user’s stock file is converted from the original FlashScan to the new FlashScan.  Failing to do so will prevent end users from flashing their stock tune.  

Once an AutoCal has licensed a controller, that controller will remain licensed to that AutoCal.  Unlinking and relinking an AutoCal device does not require additional licensing provided the controller originally tuned remains the same.  Additional AutoCal VIN licenses are required to tune additional controllers.

AutoCal V2 Link Status & Serial Number

Where AutoCal V2 is not linked to a FlashScan device, when powered the FS2-Link Required message will be displayed on the LCD screen.

Where AutoCal V2 is linked to a FlashScan device, the FS2-Link Required message will not be displayed when powered.  Use the arrow keys to navigate to the LIC: screen where the 12 digit number is the license number of the FlashScan that provided the link.

The serial number can be located by using the arrow keys to navigated to the SER: screen.

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