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FlashScan V2 Read a Controller

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NOTE: Not all Supported controllers can be read.  Some vehicle manufacturers have disabled the ability to read the contents of a controller from the factory.  In these cases, EFILive customers will need to obtain base files from an alternative source. Some EFILive Custom Operating Systems are written to non-readable memory.  These files cannot be read from controller.  Refer to the Problems Reading a Controller  article for further information.

FlashScan V2

Follow these steps to read the selected controller.

  1. Configure FlashScan V2 for BBX features if not already setup.
  2. Connect your FlashScan V2 device to your vehicle.
  3. Turn the vehicle ignition to the On or Accessory position (vehicle must not be cranked/running when reading).
  4. Navigate to the F2 Tune Tool -> F1 Tuning -> F1 Read Tune menu option.
  5. Select correct controller type from BBX configured controllers.
  6. Click the OK button to initiate the read operation.
  7. While the ECM is reading a Progress bar will display for the user to visually track the read.
  8. When the read process is complete the saved file name will display. Select OK to close this message.
  9. The Reset Controller notification will be shown, and the controller reset process will begin.
    1. Turn the vehicle ignition Off.
    2. Click on the Start button to begin the countdown timer.
    3. DO NOT turn the vehicle ignition on until the countdown timer expires.  This time is critical to allow the ECM to perform internal functions after a read operation.
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