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License Purchases & Activation Codes

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How are EFILive License Activation Codes and Controller Authorization Codes sent?

  1. EFILive License activation codes and controller authorization codes are sent via email to the registered email address provided on your EFILive Store Account.
  2. Activation codes can also be accessed by logging onto your EFILive Store Account.

How long will it take to receive my EFILive License Activation Code or Controller Authorization Code?

The product purchased will determine the time frame for the license being issued.

  1. FlashScan & AutoCal VIN Licenses (includes V3, V2, HD VIN Licenses & V1 PCM Licenses) - Automated license processing occurs within approximately 10 minutes.  Validation of your serial and auth code ensures correct order placement.
  2. FlashScan Tuning Options - Automated processing of your Tuning Option Activation code and included VIN licenses occur within approximately 10 minutes.  Validation of your serial ensures correct order placement. 
  3. FlashScan V2 Stream Licenses - Stream licenses are delivered via email during regular New Zealand business hours.
  4. Controller Authorization Codes - Controller Auth-Codes are delivered via email during regular New Zealand business hours.  

Current local time in New Zealand can be found on our website here.

How do I ensure my EFILive Order passes validation?

  1. All VIN Licenses, Tuning Options and Controller auth-code orders go through a comprehensive validation process. Only valid serial/auth codes will be given the option to add products to the cart and proceed to check-out.
  2. Refer to Validation Help for more information.
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