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Pass-Thru Data Logging

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Follow these steps to log the selected controller using EFILive V8 Scan and Tune software.

  1. Open the EFILive V8 Scan and Tune application.
  2. Connect your FlashScan/AutoCal device to your PC and vehicle.
  3. Select an existing Dashboard configuration either by using the [Open Dash] button or using the Dashboard drop down, or configure after making controller and PID selections.
  4. Navigate to the [F2: Scan] -> [F2: PIDs] menu option.
  5. In the Engine and/or Transmission field use the drop down list to select the correct controller type or use Auto Detect.
  6. Drag PID selections from the Available PIDs window into the Selected PIDs window.  
  7. For GM and Cummins HD, PIDs should be validated using the Validate option to ensure only valid PIDs are logged.
  8. Navigate to the [F3: Data], [F4: Charts], [F5: Gauges] or [F6: Maps] tab and configure your dashboard to arrange data displays where a dashboard has not already been selected.
  9. Start the vehicle.
  10. Select either Record or Monitor from the [F3: Data], [F4: Charts], [F5: Gauges] or [F6: Maps] screens.
  11. Select Stop to stop the data logging session.
  12. Save the log.
  13. To replay the data log, navigate to the [F3: Data], [F4: Charts], [F5: Gauges] or [F6: Maps] tab and select the appropriate Playback buttons.
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