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LB7 & LLY Tips and Tricks

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LB7 & LLY Tips and Tricks

LB7 and LLY controllers use a communications platform that is not very robust and was replaced in 2006.  In many cases, these controllers fail with factory tools and will be unrecoverable. 

Tips for successful reading/flashing of LB7 and LLY controllers include:

  • Use a bench harness for reading/flashing (Recommended).
  • Remove/isolate all after-market devices including mobile phone adapters, after-market equipment (audio systems, security, remote start etc) and any devices wired into the OBD port.
  • DO NOT operate any vehicle feature that may communicate on the data bus. This includes opening or closing of hood, doors, windows, as well as changing settings on radio, HVAC, connecting/removing charging devices etc.
  • Check Available Licenses.  The first time FlashScan/AutoCal flashes a controller, licensing requirements are validated and must be met to facilitate a successful flash.  Refer to the License Status knowledgebase article for further information.
  • Check the EFILive Error Code list.  The code displayed on FlashScan/AutoCal and in the EFILive software is an important diagnostic tool.  Look up the error code number and obtain a detailed description of the cause and suggested solutions to your issue. 

If you still have problems flashing;

  • Isolate fuses.  Common communication problems are reported with the ABS, BCM, Radio, Info and Lift Pump fuses.
  • If flashing in high speed; revert to low speed flashing.
  • Use pass-thru reading/flashing rather than standalone reading/flashing.

LB7 & LLY Controller Recovery

To attempt to recover a failed flash for LB7 or LLY;

Full Flash

  1. DO NOT REMOVE POWER FROM THE CONTROLLER.  As long as the controller remains powered up, EFILive’s proprietary boot loader running in the controller will continue to wait for a successful full flash procedure. Retry the full flash procedure until it is successful.
  2. POWER REMOVED FROM CONTROLLER.  If power has been removed from the controller, it may only be recoverable if the flash was at least 15%-20% complete and the communications portion of the operating system was reprogrammed to allow the controller to continue to operate in dead poll mode.  Retry the full flash procedure.

If flashing fails with a “no communications” error then the controller has probably been rendered inoperable and unrecoverable. The only way to recover the controller is to disassemble it and physically remove, reprogram and replace the flash chip on the main circuit board.

Calibration Flash

A calibration-flash failure is not critical and will generally not result in an unrecoverable controller. To recover from a failed calibration only flash, turn the ignition off, wait 30 seconds, turn the ignition back on, wait a further 10 seconds, the retry the calibration only flash.

If the calibration only flash continues to fail:

  1. Remove battery power from the controller, by either removing the controller's fuse or by disconnecting the battery from the vehicle.
  2. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Reconnect power.
  4. Retry the calibration only flash.

Test for Rogue Modules

For Customers with FlashScan/AutoCal V3 a range of test modes to check the network for rogue modules that may cause read or flash operations to abort are available.

Navigate to the  Tune Tool -> F1: Tuning -> F4: Test OBD Network menu.  The following VPW test options are available:

  1. Test VPW 1x Speed option for VPW based controllers to test the network at normal speed, i.e. data logging speed.
  2. Test VPW 4x Speed option for VPW based controllers to test the network at the speed used to read or flash a controller.

Further Support

If all of the above have been attempted and issues still persist; please create a Support Ticket and include as much information as possible.  Be sure to locate and attach your Trace Files.

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