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Support Process

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Support Methods

EFILive sales and technical support is managed through the EFILive Service Desk.  EFILive does not offer telephone support.  

EFILive Technical Support

EFILive technical support is available for customers experiencing difficulties with:

  • Software installation and uninstallation.
  • Hardware and software setup and configuration.
  • Hardware and software faults.
  • Error codes and messages.
  • USB driver issues.
  • Reading and flashing supported controllers.
  • Adding and managing VIN Licenses.
  • Locking or Unlocking controllers.

EFILive technical support does not cover the following issues:

  • AutoCal support.  Support for AutoCal is provided directly by the tuner that supplied the AutoCal product with their tuning services.
  • Windows configuration, setup and/or faults.
  • PC or laptop failures.
  • Tuning advice.  EFILive staff will not provide tuning advice to anyone.  Often we require tuners to send their tune files to EFILive as part of a support incident. That means EFILive has access to various tuning styles, techniques and methods, some of which have been developed by our customers over long periods and at considerable expense.  EFILive is committed to keeping all customer information private and confidential.  If we were to offer tuning advice we may inadvertently reveal tuning techniques that are not ours to reveal.  For tuning help and advice, search EFILive’s forum or post your tuning question on the forum.

Contact Your Reseller

Your reseller, the place from which you purchased your EFILive product, is responsible for providing you with first line product support.  They should be your first point of contact for any support or queries relating to your EFILive product (both software and hardware).  In the event that they are not able to assist you directly they may escalate to EFILive directly to receive assistance in supporting you.

If you purchased your EFILive product directly from EFILive, then EFILive will provide support to you directly.

Trouble Shooting

Before seeking support from EFILive, users should use the multiple options of self-help that are available.

Log a Support Case

If the above does not provide resolution to your issue, to receive support  please Create a Ticket.  All of the following details must be provided before your incident will be reviewed by staff at EFILive. 

Sometimes it is not possible to provide all the information. If some information cannot be provided, please include a short description of why the information cannot be provided. For example, if a failure occurs when trying to read a controller for the first time it may not be possible to provide the operating system number of that controller.

  • Windows version.
  • The EFILive software version and build number that was installed when the issue occurred.
  • Your FlashScan or AutoCal License Backup File.
  • The controller’s operating system number, if the issue occurred while connected to a controller.
  • The *.ctz  tune file if you are reporting an issue related to that tune file.
  • The *.pld (or *.efi) scan file if you are reporting an issue related to that scan file.
  • Any screen shots that might help describe the problem.  
  • A sequence of steps or a description of the configuration you were using that can be used by EFILive to reliably reproduce the issue.
  • Appropriate Trace Files;

Access the EFILive Service Desk.  The username and password are the same as the EFILive Store.  If you do not already have an account you simply need to register.

Once logged into the service desk, select Contact Us link to create a new ticket.  Under the Question Properties change the Category to Support.  Fill in all of the fields in the Additional Information section.

Attach any files collected to the support case using the options found under the You May Upload an Attachment area.

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